Wow h2 is the different in css!

what happens when another page is created?

welcome to my first css page, hope it looks cool!

So on and so forth

This better work!

Each of these pages refer back to the css page I created. In the css page I did the following:

  1. the background is lavender
  2. the font color is dark violet
  3. the font is Lucida Console
  4. the cursor is the little "mickey" hand when hovering over the links!

I refered back to W3Schools for the color code, font family name, and cursor code.

Stylish ppl only

keep scrolling down!

My CSS metaphor explains how a simple iPhone 5s plastic case could represent the css page, and the various companies that use the basic iPhone case each have their own designs (html pages) that refer back to the original design (css page)! Take a look-see: