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<link rel = "stylesheet" href = "http://berkeleycitycollege.us/CSS/style.css">

<title>My First Styled Page</title>




<ul id="bulletPoints"> 

<li> <a href= "http://www.buyadoo.com/pointingtocss.html" >Home</a> </li> 

<li> <a href= "http://www.buyadoo.com/pointingtocss2.html" > Page 2</a> </li> 

<li> <a href= "http://www.justinhoffman.net/introtoweb" > Your turn to make Page 3</a> </li> 

<li> <a href= "http://www.berkeleycitycollege.edu" > Berkeley City College</a> </li> 


<h2> Wow h2 is styled differently in CSS... 

<p> What happens when another page is created!!! </p> </h2>

<p>Welcome to my first css page, it is really cool!!! </p>

<p>The colors, font family, etc are coming from the CSS Page with the name: "style.css " !! </p>

<p>I can not wait until there are pictures on this page... hooray!! </p>

<p> Sign and date the page, it is only polite </p>



<address> Diana Shrestha  <br> 

Made 15 October 2014 <br> 

[email protected]